Vioviv® our innovative British Brand, is a nature-based, science-led, luxury skin care & hair global Cosmoceutical Brand with a mission: “we want to help people to take care of their skin and hair to get optimum beauty and younger look”.

Vioviv® unites the traditional and recent secrets by associating in its products the eternal benefits of natural extracts with the latest generation of biotechnological innovations.

We use natural extracts or extracts of natural origin capable of rivalling the more sophisticated molecules developed by chemical synthesis.

Vioviv® range of products is concerned with purification, anti-age, de-stressing, restructuring, regeneration, hydration, tonification, stimulation, protection, smoothing, lifting, softening, suppleness, firming, inhibiting cellular pigmentation, masking cutaneous imperfections, hair loss and more……

In short, we offer effective, safe, unique, innovative, up to date, affordable dermo-cosmetic products to match all skin and hair types.

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